If you’re like us, you probably start the day off with a glimpse at a few different horoscopes to get a peak into what the day holds. But have you ever wanted to go deeper? Looking into your birth chart can actually break open a whole new realm of insight into yourself and the world around you. If you’ve ever wondered why your chart is so important, and just exactly what an astrologer does, we’ve answered your most pressing questions below.

Is my daily horoscope enough?

Your average horoscope is a quick look at how what’s going on in the sky affects your sun sign. A daily scope is a great way to see the broad themes that are happening over a day, week, or month, and can help you navigate your way in the world. Your sun sign however, is simply one part of your natal birth chart, and most horoscopes don’t take into account your rising or moon signs, which also both play a role in your day to day existence. Astrologer Nyssa Grazda notes, “One in 12 people have the same Sun sign, so a horoscope paints the human experience in broad strokes corresponding to the archetypes of the zodiac. But many other factors were at play when you were born. There is the Moon to think about, and the critically important Rising Sign, as well as other planets and asteroids and their relationships to one another that inform your personality and passions. No two astrological charts are the same, which means that you are unique and integral to the human story.”

A natal birth chart calculates the position of the planets on the day of your birth, and provides deeper information on things like communication, creativity, love and passion, and recurring issues. A birth chart will identify where the planets fall in your chart, so you can really dig in to all aspects of who you are. For example, if your Venus is in Saturn, you might experience deep levels of affection, but have difficulties expressing it. If you have Mars in Aries, you might be assertive but impulsive. Learning these intricacies about ourselves can help us know how to handle certain situations, and how to negotiate our strengths and weaknesses.

What do astrologers do?

Simply put, astrologers are experts! It takes years of education to learn to interpret the stars, so when you get a reading, you’re actually paying to benefit from the training and expertise of a an astrology professional (if you’ve ever seen a birth chart, you might have had some flashbacks to high school geometry). More than just identifying major themes, planets, and events, an astrologer can look at your chart and make meaningful connections and provide genuine guidance on all areas of your life. According to astrologer Aliza Kelly, “While horoscopes are amazing, they’re extremely general. But astrologers have both academic and real-life experience in understanding the different ways transits influence our experiences. The value of an astrologer is their thoughtful, educated, and professional interpretation.”

What can you learn?

Using your date, time, and location of birth, an astrologer can assemble and read your natal chart. “It provides extremely specific insight about how the movement of the planets influences your personality, decisions, past experiences, and future prospects,” says Kelly. Having a question in mind, whether it’s career, love, or a significant event, can help guide your session to give you the most useful information. According to Grazda, a professional reading digs into the details of your blueprint. “Having a deeper understanding of how you love, why you respond to emotion in a certain way, or what various arenas of your life you feel more comfortable expressing yourself in, ultimately inspires greater compassion for yourself and others. It also provides agency, helping you view what might be mistaken for ‘detrimental’ qualities in a holistic and constructive light.” All told, an astrologer’s wisdom can both illuminate your past and set you on a positive course for the future.

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