As the the moon crosses the path of the sun, it tilts to a high and low point, marking two opposite lunar nodes. When the moon reaches one of these points, we have an eclipse. The north and south nodes have a lot to tell us about both our future and our past. Both nodes fall in a particular zodiac sign, and because these nodes are situated opposite each other, the sign of the North Node will be the exact opposite of the sign of the South (for example, North Node in Virgo will have a South Node in Pisces). These positions change approximately every 18 months. The role of the modes in astrology is to help answer big questions-the kind concerning past lives, destiny, and our ultimate purpose. The nodes are cosmically linked, pushing us toward balance.

NORTH NODE: The North Node presents the opportunity to grow into the person you have the potential to be. It helps illuminate our passions, talents, and path in life. It is also associated with the idea of growth, offering you challenges to help you on your way. Coming up against feelings of discomfort or unease when dealing with your North Node is common, but these feelings are there to teach you important lessons about yourself.

SOUTH NODE: Innate characteristics, deep rooted feelings, memories-these are all part of the south node. Believed to be the qualities that have stuck with you through past lives and experiences, the South Node runs like a river through your cosmic past. Looking into the South Node can expose problems and patterns you need to address, lest you continue to repeat them. This emotional baggage can hold you back and keep you from reaching the potential the north node points to.

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