It’s one of the most influential astrological events you can go through, but Saturn return still remains a mystery for most. Often referred to as a “rite of passage,” Saturn return will shake up your life—and though it may not feel like it at first, it’s alwaysfor the better!

As the star general of the zodiac, Saturn is all about rules and structure. It’s the discipline and patterns by which we’ve learned to live our lives. Saturn makes its journey around the sun about every 29.5 years, which means it returns to revisit the sign in which it was at the time you were born sometime between the ages of 27-31. During the time it camps out there (usually 2-3 years), you’ll be going through a sort spiritual boot camp, reassessing who you are and where you’re headed.

Return of a planet is essentially the completion of a cycle, allowing you to close a chapter and move forward into a new one. While this process is necessary for growth, it can also feel like a significant upheaval. Saturn return can make you feel uprooted, asking yourself questions about who you are, your belief systems, and whether the path you are on right now is actually the one you want.

Generally, we experience three Saturn returns in our lifetime, moving us through the phases of life. Your first Saturn return encourages you to move on from your childhood and adolescent selves into adulthood—this is why you’ll likely be questioning your career, relationships, and how you define yourself. Later in life, Saturn returns usher us into middle age (in your late 50s) and old age (in your late 80s).

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