In astrology, an aspect refers to the distance between the exact positions (referred to as “angles”) of the planets. The categories are split into “soft” aspects (which connote positive relationships between the planets) and “hard” aspects (which connote challenging planetary relationships). These positions determine how energy is generated and reflected. Of these, there are several significant aspects that will help you understand how best to use the power of the planets:

Conjunction (0º): When the planets are in the same sign and degree, the energies work together in a complementary fashion. The connection here is strong, and at times the planets seem to be blending together. Because the energies are fused, conjunctions can create “blind spots” that inhibit our ability to see clearly.

Opposition (180º): Planets in opposition appear directly across from each other, depicting two sides of the same coin. Oppositions reveal polarities and dualities: The tension that occurs when we are fueled by contradiction. This can create a sense of discord, but it can also be energizing. The tension generated here can be a powerful conduit for change.

Trine (120º): Trines occur between planets in the same element. This gentle union creates a harmonious energy, often considered the most auspicious aspect. When planetary energies speak the same language, natural talents and innate gifts are illuminated and encouraged. But too much of anything — even luck — can lead to problems. Without tension, on a bad day, this aspect can adopt a complacent sensibility.

Square (90º): Planets that are square can often seem like they are blocking each other. Intentions are divided and you might feel that translated into emotional or logistical roadblocks. Despite the friction, however, squares always trigger action. There are lessons to be learned in this aspect.

Sextile (60º): Sextiles create a planetary buddy system. Sextiles tend to pack more of a punch than a trine, bringing out the best of your “can-do” attitude. These might translate to conversation, relationship building, or strengthening of your community. When planets are sextile, they support one another by sharing the critical information the other is lacking. When these energies combine, they create a cohesive whole.

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