While most people are familiar with their sun sign (the sign most astro-curious use to navigate their horoscopes), the world of astrology is filled with complex systems that can be intimidating if you’re just starting to investigate the world of the stars. If you’re ready to look at other parts of your chart, first use an online generator to look at the whole breakdown, with all the planets and signs of the zodiac written on the “wheel”.

After you input your data, the generator will yield a dial that shows the symbols for each astrological sign, with an arrangement of lines, triangles, and trapezoids. (Do your best guess if you don’t have a birth time or location.)  This pattern of lines traces exactly where the stars were when you were born, and will give you your signs in line various planets. Each of these positions rules an aspect of ourselves, and knowing these various signs can give insight into your personality.

Your Sun Sign
This is also known as your star sign or astrological sign. When someone asks, “what’s your sign?” they usually mean your sun sign. This sign is determined by the day you were born. Your sun sign, and all your other signs in the chart, are named and organized according to the principles of Western astrology, which are calculated with what is called the Tropical Zodiac. This system is based on the seasons and is calculated by the movement of the Sun across the sky in an imaginary 360-degree circle known as the zodiac. Even if you don’t know the rest of your planets, you can always look up your sun sign with your birthday.

Your Moon Sign
Useful in understanding your emotions and your inner life, the moon sign is determined by where the moon was when you were born. The moon sign deals with how you engage with and process your subconscious and intuitive desires, and it can also influence how strongly your sun sign reigns in your disposition.  Because the moon moves into a different sign every 2-3 days, the variations day to day are significant, so it’s helpful to know exactly where and where you were born to use a generator to calculate this sign.

Your Rising (Ascendant) Sign 
The ascendant is the sign that was rising over the eastern horizon when you were born, which is why you’ll hear it called either of its names interchangeably. Your ascendant, or rising sign, is like a filter that colors how you appear to others. It controls first impressions, your outward attitude. Depending on how strongly the sign is expressed in the rest of your chart, sometimes it even shows up in your appearance and demeanor. When looking at your natal chart as a diagram, your rising sign will fall at the 9’o’clock position on the wheel. This point also marks the beginning point of a chart, which is usually indicated by a darker line.