We know that the position of the planets in our natal charts determine the broad themes of our lives and how we approach issues like love, communication, and creativity, but what about those little wild cards of the solar system–asteroids. Think of asteroids as an astrological bonus round, a chance to dig a little deeper into the larger themes and areas that planetary knowledge provides. Understanding how asteroids can affect your psyche will help you add some context and insight into your daily life. While there are thousands of asteroids buzzing around space, there are a few heavy hitters that astrologers find the most useful:

Ceres: Ceres is all about nurturing. It is connected to fertility, parenting, sustenance, and abundance. Noticing where Ceres appears can tip you off to the idea that you may need some comfort in that area, or could be in a position to provide that to someone else. Ceres is also representative of family life, and the cycle of birth and rebirth.

Pallas: Intelligence, logic, and problem solving is the milieu of this asteroid. When you need to work your way through a complex task or problem, it’s likely Pallas is hanging out nearby. Pallas is also the pattern provider, illuminating our current, past, and potential future, structures. Weaving together the cool headed and the artistic, Pallas is all about embracing your strengths and personal power.

Juno: This asteroid is all about relationships. Rather than signaling lust and infatuation however, Juno gets involved when long term commitments are on the table. Deep loves and lasting partnerships are being negotiated here. As such, Juno is a particularly diplomatic asteroid. It also rules over beauty and aesthetics.

Vesta: Vesta is all about your inner boss and drive. Organization, focus, mental clarity—all present here. Vesta makes sure you remember your keys and turn the oven off. It’s also an indication that devotion or rituals are making, or should be making, an appearance in your daily life.

Lillith: Here lies the divine feminine energy. Lusty, primal, deep—Lillith is about sexual freedom. This asteroid is also a bit of a walk on the dark side, representing the less friendly or easily digestible parts of ourselves and our human experience.

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