We may be feeling like resting on our laurels this week, but we shouldn’t be so cavalier. It’s time for us to take inventory of our shadow side (perfectly timed with Mercury Retrograde, right?) When we are able to see past our idealized lens, we’ll feel more secure than we had previously imagined.

Body: Four of Pentacles (Rx)

Feeling overly protective of your resources or internal energies? Nobody likes a miserly companion, collaborator, or friend. Notice when and how you are putting your guard up. Pay attention to feelings of jealousy of greed that arise in daily life. These are clues for us to look into so that we can reevaluate our boundaries. In order to receive abundance, we must be willing to share abundance.

Mind: Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles shows an elderly man, enjoying the fruits of their labor. This energy sits in the temple of our mind this week, giving us a clue to where our greedy tendencies may be coming into play. When our narrative around our work is solitary, we may also be limiting our ability to grow and prosper. How can you share your prosperity with others, while honoring the work you put in to creating your abundance? It may be time to re-think your money story, and find ways to incorporate community into your definition of abundance.

Spirit: Nine of Cups

Time to make a wish! The Nine of Cups lends our hearts some buoyancy this week. How will you go about spreading your good will? We may be able to see the efforts of our magic beginning to pay off, but don’t let that distract you from seeing it through. Put your extra mojo behind your goals, and be ready to celebrate in displays of joy and affection.

Integration: Death (Rx)

Our integration this week arrives with sickle in hand. A reversed Death message often leads us to question all of the little endings in our lives. What unfinished business do you have to attend to? Death helps us clear out the old, compost what is no longer serving us, and invite in new opportunity. Maybe you weren’t able to tie up those loose ends before Mercury stationed retrograde? Pay your parking tickets, cut out the emotional deadweight, and be sure to exercise your options with caution and care.