Leaving the sky dark, New Moons are times for intention setting and letting go. The New Moon is a time to dig deep and evaluate your desires, needs, and current emotional state. This is a time when energy begins to build up, ramping up to the Full Moon later in the month. New and Full Moons work in six month cycles, meaning there will be a Full Moon in the corresponding sign six months later, completing the cycle. If you’ve been looking for a fresh start, New Moons are the time to release past patterns and start fresh

This is the moon’s first step toward its full potential. As the changes you’ve started to put into motion during the New Moon start to come to life, there might be an increased sense of anxiety, insecurity, or need for comfort. This is a good time to engage in some balancing self care and evaluate what part of your routines and patterns are supporting you now, and in the next phase you’re headed to.

The Moon is opposite to the sun in this phase, and you and your goals are receiving that sense of light and stimulation. This is the time when things start to grow, and you begin to see some results of the effort you’ve been putting forth. Your energy is high and your mind is focused.

Any dreams you put into action during the New Moon are really coming together now. This is a potent time of maturity and development, but hold off on starting something new while the energy of your latest transformation is still coming to fruition. Activities that require an analytical and even perfectionism are wise do take care of now.

One of the most energetically packed times of the month, Full Moons are the culmination of everything we’ve worked for. The plant has sprouted and grown, the potential has been realized. As things come to a close, we are invited to reflect on success and failure. Bright in the sky, a Full Moon illuminates truth, whether we’re ready to see them or not. As such, it can be an overwhelming time emotionally, but also a wonderful opportunity for creative endeavors.

It’s time to take the knowledge of what came to light during the Full Moon and use it in your own day to day life. This is a time of sharing, communicating, and reveling in your community. Just as we reap crops from the harvest to nourish ourselves and others, so we strive to do this with the insights we’ve gained.

The theme for this moon is “reorientation.” The past may be looking very far away now, and we may find ourselves lost in our own thoughts. You may be looking at your environment with new eyes. This is a good time for deep meditation, dream work, or any other activities that help you look within and connect with your intuition.

During a waning crescent moon. you might feel distant or even alienated. Think about this time as a bridge between the future and the past. As we prepare to enter another new cycle, you are once again beginning the cosmic dance of reflection and release. This is a time when psychic abilities are high, and you can more easily connect to something beyond.

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