Dates: December 22 – January 19

Symbol: The Seagoat

Element: Earth

Planetary Rulership: Saturn

Planetary Determent: Moon

Triplicity: Cardinal

Body Part: Knees, joints

Expression: “I use.”

Positive attributes: Enterprising, resourceful, straightforward, honest, determined, diligent, responsible, enduring, mature, ambitious.
Negative attributes: Unemotional, cold, detached, distant, harsh, pessimistic, opportunistic, rigid, penny-pinching, unsympathetic .

Best matches:
Love: Taurus, Virgo
Friendship: Pisces
Professional: Cancer

Compatible Crystals: Malachite, Fluorite, Chalcopyrite, Onyx.

Celebrity Archetypes: Kate Moss, Michelle Obama, Zooey Deschanel , David Bowie, Elvis Presley.

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