Associated sign: Leo

Mythology: Even before modern science defined the star’s elemental architecture, the Sun’s offerings have always been sacred. In fact, the Sun has been worshipped since the beginning of human civilization. Its dependable, warm radiance creates existence, illuminates reality, and facilitates growth. Likewise, within mythology, the Sun and its corresponding deities — such as Ra in Ancient Egypt and Apollo in classical antiquity — employ divine consciousness to represent matters of life.

Transit: Although the Sun is stationary in astronomical terms, astrology studies the planet’s orbits from our position on Earth. In this context, the Sun is considered an inner planet and takes approximately 30 days to transit a zodiac sign.

What it means in your chart: Within the natal chart, the Sun represents our ego, sense of self, and fundamental essence. For many, the sun sign (that is, the position of the sun at the time of birth) is the astrological entry point: It reveals basic personality, preferences, and attitudes. Perhaps even more importantly, however, the Sun also exposes an individual’s unique Hero’s Journey — the theme of the triumphs and trials endured in a lifetime.

Retrograde lowdown: The Sun never goes retrograde.

Herbs and Offerings: Safflower bloom, sunflower, calamus root, calendula, hibiscus, peony, frankincense, citron, lemon, orange, pineapple.

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