Associated sign: Capricorn

Mythology: Much of Saturn’s mythology was adopted from the story of Cronus, the Greek Titan. According to Roman folklore, however, Saturn served as the King of the Gods, but became increasingly paranoid and tyrannical. In attempts to maintain the throne, he began consuming his infant children. Saturn’s wife, Ops, saved one child, Jupiter, who ultimately overthrew Saturn by forcing him to regurgitate his children. Once Jupiter assumed the role, Saturn was banished to Italy, where he established himself in Latium (the capital city of the Roman Empire). Under his wise rule, the metropolis prospered as an agricultural center (which is why Saturn — and later the grim reaper — is often depicted holding a scythe). The Latium people, who had been indulging in lotus-eating behavior, were tamed by Saturn’s stern and sober approach, and eventually adopted a lifestyle based on morals and civics.

Transit: Saturn is an outer planet, and takes approximately two and a half years to transit each sign. Saturn goes retrograde each year for about 140 days.

Aaron Wood

What it means in your chart: Within the natal chart, Saturn can represent the area of life in which we’re hardest on ourselves. Saturn’s placement exposes restrictions, limitations, and fears. Alternatively, however, as we continue working with Saturn’s energy over the course of the lifetime, we expose Saturn’s unique offerings: Saturn’s position in the birth chart also reveals where — through hard work, patience, and practice — we can reap the deepest, most emotionally gratifying rewards.

Retrograde lowdown: Saturn teaches us tough lessons, so it can be a little intimidating to think about Saturn’s retrograde motion — does that mean even more difficulties? Not exactly. Saturn in retrograde is more of a corrections officer than a prison guard. When Saturn glides backwards, it revisits your most recent Saturn experiences to make sure you’ve addressed all issues correctly. If you’ve confronted your problems responsibly, Saturn will reward your hard work. If you’ve practicing brutal denial, Saturn will be sure to pick at those old wounds.

Herbs and offerings: Mullein, pepperwort, witch hazel, mandrake, sulfur, cypress, indigo, scammony root.


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