Associated signs: Cancer

Mythology: The Sun and the Moon are the two most distinctive celestial bodies visible from Earth. Unlike the Sun, which keeps a consistent appearance, the Moon is constantly transforming. The Moon’s motion also governs the tides of the sea. Within mythology, the magic of this elusive cosmic entity has been linked to the female spirit for millennia. In classical antiquity, several female deities (Luna, Diana, Artemis, Juno, and Selene) represent the moon at different phases. The diverse personalities of these goddesses mirror the moon’s dispositions — waxing phases fuel growth, whereas waning phases reflect closure.

Transit: The Moon is considered an inner-planet, and takes approximately 2.5 days to transit a zodiac sign.

What it means in your chart: Within the natal chart, the Moon represents our emotional inner world. The Moon is the most private and sacred area of the birth chart. Its position can reveal your comforts, safety, and security. As the Moon symbolizes the Mother, its placement represents how you “mother” yourself through both material and nonmaterial comforts. The Moon is our spiritual oasis, and should be honored through honesty, trust, and compassion.

Retrograde lowdown: The Moon never goes retrograde.

Herbs and offerings: Chamomile, mugwort, evening primrose, geranium, clary sage, poppy seeds, sweet almond oil, melon.

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