Associated signs: Aries

Mythology: Aries, the Greek god of war, was depicted as violent and impulsive. Mars, however, (his Roman counterpart), was strategic and dignified. In Roman mythology, Mars governed military conquests and soldiers, as well as agricultural innovation and farmers. Mars embodied the spirit of the Roman Empire in its prime. Since the transition from cold to warm weather led to ramped-up action, energy, and vitality, Mars is connected to the spring equinox. Mars’ emblem — a circle with a pointed arrow — represented the god’s spear and shield, and over time, has been adopted as the “male” symbol.

Transit: Mars is an inner planet, and takes approximately six to seven weeks to transit a zodiac sign. It goes retrograde every two years.

What it means in your chart: Within the natal chart, Mars’ placement reflects our drive and determination. Mars is the fire under your ass, so whatever constellation it occupies reveals how you best take action. Your natal Mars is revealed when you’re racing to meet a deadline, competing for a selective title, or starting a heated conversation with a friend. Since Mars is driven by passion, this placement also reveals our sexual proclivities!

Retrograde lowdown: Even the god of war needs time to rest. When Mars — the planet of action — goes reverse, the cosmic energy shifts from nonstop hustle to midday nap. Though Mars retrograde is a great time to rejuvenate, its backwards spin can trigger frustrating delays and misguided motion. Though we are forced to push a little harder during Mars retrograde, the red planet’s reverse cycle brings our goals into sharp focus, encouraging us to fully commit to our aspirations.

Herbs and offerings: Safflower bloom, milk thistle, basil, wormwood, wild tobacco, ginger, coriander oil, turmeric.

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