This week we are being asked to engage with what we feel we lack. Tap into the energy you need in order to feel more grounded, and more authentically you.

Mind: Eight of Swords

You may be feeling paralyzed in the face of action this week, but don’t allow your fear to run the show. You have another super-power to take into account – your intuition. The Eight of Swords reminds us that sometimes we must move forward without all the facts, and without an understanding of the outcome. It’s time to utilize your intuitive abilities. They will guide you with certainty, if you trust them fully.

Body: Queen of Pentacles (Rx)

A reversed Queen of Pentacles suggests that we might have trouble being in our bodies this week. The energy is frenetic, and not conducive to being totally embodied. Our challenge is to drop into the material plane, and get serious about our material realities and practicalities. It may be time to do a self-worth check-in. How are your caring for your sacred vessel? How are you honoring the physical parts or yourself, and the physical world you live in?

Spirit: Two of Cups

A bountiful energy is gifted to us this week, in the Two of Cups, an offering of communion with ourselves and with others. It may be a good moment to examine how harmony operates in your daily life. Strive to make authentic connections with your co-workers, lovers, and strangers. The Two of Cups reminds us that everything is a mirror of our own soul. See the beauty in the reflections.

Integration: The Emperor

The Emperor asks that we take a grounded approach this week, especially when we may be feeling the tension, or anxiety of the moment. Create structures that support both your internal and external growth. Begin a solid self-care routine, commit to your spiritual practice, or finalize the business plan. The Emperor asks that we take what is working, and iterate upon it. Allow your intuitive wisdom, and your emotional abundance to create the container that will foster your personal growth.

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