This week we are confronted with some pretty powerful archetypes of upset and upheaval. Remember to stay grounded and connected with the earth and your own perennial philosophy. These simple anchors will give you the faith you need to step into your future.

Mind: The Chariot (Rx)

What is keeping you from grounding into your ambition this week? A lack of motivation of has taken hold, which will be a lingering presence if we aren’t quick to rite our fallen Chariot. If you keep experiencing external roadblocks and obstacles, it may be time to reevaluate your chosen path. What is the pathway of least-resistance? The more effort and energy you put into “making it work,” the less likely you are to realize what needs to change.

Body: The Tower

 Pay attention to the wisdom of your body. With the Tower showing up as the energy of our physicality, it could be that our lack of intention is manifesting in truly bodily ways. If you feel like your vital energy is being zapped, it is time turn up the self-care dial and return to a place of basic nourishment. The Tower asks us to fully acknowledge that our expectations of reality are very different from what is actually playing out. It’s time to ground yourself in the now, and get clarity around who you are becoming.

Spirit: Seven of Swords (Rx)

 When the going gets tough, it’s important to integrate our challenges, rather than relegating them to the realm of mistakes and regrets. Here, the Seven of Swords is challenging us to see the silver lining through the chaos of the moment. This is a learning opportunity. Take a moment to look at your past actions and beliefs, for they have lead you to this particular moment. What needs to be left behind, and what ideas will you take with you on your journey into the future?

Integration: Page of Wands

 The Page of Wands arrives with a soothing message – that we are in the middle of our process. We are continuously arriving. The Page is a student, ever mastering their craft, ever making missteps, and retaining the levity to laugh it off. The Page accepts all circumstances as opportunities for growth. The Page of Wands reminds us to have faith in ourselves, and faith in the wild process that is living.