We can’t always predict the ebbs and flows of prosperity, but we can tip the scales in our favor by making our intentions known and opening ourselves up to opportunity. If you’re looking to maximize your level-up potential, crystals can serve as visual reminders of your goals and transmitters of “YES” energy. Here are a few of our favorite sparkly friends to keep by your side while you’re making moves.

Green Calcite

A great choice when you’re ready to say yes. Sometimes our gut instinct is to reject new opportunities because we’re caught off guard by the timing, or we believe there’s only one way to achieve something and block alternative routes out of our vision. Green Calcite helps us to shift our mindset so that we can open ourselves up to what the world has to offer us.


Ready to start seeing results? Citrine is used for helping us envision exactly where we want to be, and to keep our eyes on the endgame of our hard work. It’s said that this stone can help us to pick up the pace to achieve success, so we recommend keeping this sunny stone by your side for mid-week slumps.


Negotiations, pivots and bridge-building are all a part of the process. Known as a stone of protection, Malachite is perfect to work with before a big meeting or tough discussion. It can be used for keeping away bad business ties, both old and new, and for effective communication. 

Green Aventurine

 This one is your lucky charm; the four-leaf clover of the crystal family. Many use Green Aventurine for gambling (literally and figuratively), or whenever the next steps of a situation are out of your hands (like getting the job you’ve interviewed for). It’s also said that Green Aventurine helps us to lighten up and stay optimistic about what’s in store for us.


The stone they call “fool’s gold” is said to attract wealth in large and small sumswhether that’s a raise at work, being paid back money you forgot you were owed or finding a $20 bill on the subway. A large piece of pyrite pairs well with smaller complimentary stones (a combination of the above) in a grid or during meditation.


Peridot is a tax season favorite, as it’s known for helping us navigate through pesky complications. When financial planning requires us to enter the gates of Excel hell and climb mountains of tedious details, try working with Peridot to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks.


A powerful stone for manifestation, Topaz is great to use in meditations when you’re ready to focus on wealth. This crystal is known to be a facilitator, and is also believed to have healing properties. Use this one for a ritual to invite in the new and release the old.