This week, we’re being asked to integrate new desires and passions into our daily routine. Innovate your way to a new sense of self, and a new way of working in the world. Our main obstacle, and integration point, is releasing past baggage so that we feel free to catalyze growth in a new direction.

Mind: 2 of Wands

Our mind is the gateway to inspired action. The 2 of Wands suggests that we need to take the first step through the gateway and into our newly envisioned role. Put all those inspired ideas into action. Allow your creativity and ambition to push you into the challenge of your dreams. Wands ask that we harness the fire within us, and put it to work in the world.

Body: King of Swords

Find yourself at the top of your game, at the peak of each moment, reaching a fresh level of mastery in whatever realm you aspire to be a leader. The King of Swords signals an embodiment of our achievements, and the ability to communicate with effortlessness. Channel the creativity of your mind with confidence in your ability. Don’t allow fear to distract you from your true potential.

Spirit: Ace of Wands

We are gifted with a lucky Ace of Wands this week, infusing all situations with a sense of excitement. Be thinking about what you are building externally, as well as what is bubbling to the surface inside of you. The amount of inner energetic resources you have to move through each day will directly impact how much you are able to achieve. Make sure that you are reconnecting with your source creativity, maintaining an inner balance to avoid burnout. Channel your passion wisely.

Integration: The Fool (Rx)

The Fool arrives with a powerful message about beginning again. This reversed Fool has a lot to say about our emotional, physical, and spiritual baggage. It may be time to cut the cord, clear out the clutter, and say goodbye to draining obligations so that you can leap into the next phase of personal growth. Ask yourself, what needs to be released before fully committing to my new path? The Fool is ready to give us that energetic push into the unknown, and onto a greater sense of alignment with our Truth. Are you ready to take the plunge?

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