Body: 5 of Swords (Rx)

Our bodies are our temples, our vehicles for pleasure and self expression. This week we carry with us the energy of the 5 of Swords, which suggests that we have some pressure points to tend to. Attempt to release the tension that has built up over the last week, month, and over this eclipse season. It’s time to walk away from overtly stressful situations and people who catalyze conflict. Know that you have other tools in your arsenal that will facilitate ease and grace in your life.

Mind: 3 of Wands

The 3 of Wands suggests a buoyant inner optimism about your future. This week would be an excellent time to focus on future visions of yourself and your work. The 3 of Wands leads with a fiery sense of purpose and ambition. Channel this fire into your creativity, career, or relationships. We can all use a dose of self-confident exploration this week.

Soul: Ace of Cups (Rx)

A reversed Ace of Cups floods our life with emotional release. Let yourself feel everything deeply this week – even if it throws you off kilter. The floodgates have been opened, and you are meant to swim in the seas of emotion. Notice how many feels your soul can process when you give yourself the time and space to do so. Open your heart in a new more expansive way, and notice how other areas of your life flex and shift. Meditating on your emotional blocks, desires, and eruptions will help you gain some inner clarity this week.

Integration: Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords gifts us with a non-conformist attitude, and a sense of self-awareness that allows us to be free from obligation. She is asking us to be absolutely honest about our inner needs and teaches us how to best communicate our truth. The Queen of Swords rides the waves of the 3 of Wands, and cuts through the tension created by the 5 of Swords. While the Queen of Swords is not so keen on emotional expression, she also knows that it is a big piece of our intuitive and intellectual process. The Queen of Swords is a straight-shooter, and is not willing to stray from her intended path. Her advice to us? Be yourself!

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