Mind: The Emperor, Reversed
Are you allowing your Mind to control you? The Emperor is all about creating order, constructing systems, and establishing a solid foundation. Often times these drives to succeed can feel more like obsessive pressure, and less like healthy ambition. If your mind is keeping you up all night with extensive ideas about your future, it may be your inner Emperor is taking up a little too much space. Remember: you are always a work in progress. Tell the Emperor within to give it a break!

Body: Strength
This week we have Strength sending us a spontaneous Kundalini awakening! Be prepared to feel your creative energy flowing freely. Use this vitality to expand your inner horizons and flex your intuitive muscles. Strength asks that we use our creative fire and inspiration to challenge ourselves to grow. Now would be a good week to face that fear, or commit to overcoming that challenge.

Spirit: 2 of Pentacles
The 2 of Pentacles suggests that there are many opportunities on your horizon. Possible new contracts will be coming your way, whether business or pleasure centered, and it could be a very busy time for you. Attempt to juggle your responsibilities wisely, while making time for rest and relaxation.

Integration: Page of Wands
This weeks integration comes in the image of the Page of Wands. We are being coached to take on a humble attitude in the face of your inner and outer growth. It’s time to realize that you are in the process of learning to be your best self, and this process takes major patience, as well as commitment. The Page of Wands is an an apprentice to their ideal mentor. This is a lovely reminder to let your passion for life rule the show, rather than allowing your mind to work overtime.