With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the first few weeks of February are an excellent time to practice cosmic reflection and self-love. By evaluating our natal planets — that is, the exact position of the planets at the time of birth — and their corresponding signs, we receive boundless insight that can be applied to our daily lives. The planets reveal what inspires us, how we communicate, what drives our motivation, and how we approach love.

Those beginning their dive into astrology may first consider Venus for relationship guidance. And with good reason — Venus is the planet associated with love, beauty, and money. But while Venus may represent how we perceive love, this indulgent planet doesn’t always have our best interest in mind. Let’s be honest-Venus is a bit superficial. Think of Venus as an astrological Marie Antoinette figure: She wants to be bathed, oiled, fanned with palms, and fed the most delectable treats (the constellation she occupies reveals the specific ways she wants to be worshiped). But ultimately, these hedonistic passions led to her demise. Similarly, our natal Venus exposes our lotus-eating desires, but not necessarily what preserves our spirit.

The natal moon, however, is the area of your chart that reveals your soul. This mystical celestial body represents your inner world and your emotional retreat. The moon symbolizes the mother, and accordingly, represents how you mother yourself through both material and nonmaterial comforts.

The moon is the most private placement in our natal charts, and needs to be nurtured through honesty, trust, and compassion. While your sun (ego) and rising (outward appearance) signs reflect how you interface, the moon exemplifies everything that’s going on under the surface. The moon doesn’t abide by logic (that’s the role of other planets, such as Mercury and Saturn): It’s purely how we feel. Accordingly, the moon offers insight into which types of partnerships bring us emotional comfort and satiate our soul.

So when it comes to matters of the heart, the moon sign is a critical piece of the puzzle. The best ways of gauging compatibility is evaluating the moon in relation to your partner’s sun, moon, and Venus: A positive connection between two moons signs reveals similar ideas of emotional security; a positive connection between the moon and sun reveals well-balanced outer and inner lives; and lastly, a positive connection between the moon and Venus reveals a link between soul comforts and romantic idealization.

Interested in the needs of your moon sign? Read ahead for insight into your inner world:

Aries Moon: Satiated through excitement, action, and winning. This moon sign need a lot of nurturing, and is prone to temper tantrums (Aries is the astrological baby, after all), but also the autonomy to fight its own battles.

Taurus Moon: This moon sign needs stability, material comforts (especially food, soft fabrics, and jewelry), and physical touch. Though Taurus moons can become overly set in their needs, they value unconditional loyalty and dependability.

Gemini Moon: Communication, curiosities, and invention are the key to this moon sign. Gemini moons can have a gossipy streak, but it’s only because they’re nurtured through a constant stream of information.

Cancer Moon: Cancer Moons are satisfied through cozy spaces, close family and friends, and safety. With a keen awareness of the environments, Cancer moons can be a bit moody, so they need to be consoled through sensitivity.

Leo Moon: Satiated through attention, passion, and creativity. The fiery Leo moon can grow bitter or resentful if they believe their talents are being eclipsed, so Leo moons must always have a platform to shine.

Virgo Moon: A Virgo Moon needs intellectual stimulation, orderly systems, and the ability to offer help. Virgos are idealists and can suffer from perfectionism, so this placement benefits when guided by structure and routine.

Libra Moon: Balance, harmony, and aesthetics (especially fine art, design, and connoisseurship) are key. Libra moons can be drawn to vanity or superficial indulgences, but also approach life with a strong sense of justice.

Scorpio Moon: Striking Scorpio Moons thrive on intensity, privacy, and deep, powerful connections. Scorpio moons can have a jealous steak, which is best quelled through spiritual practice and deep dives into the soul.

Sagittarius Moon: This moon sign is all about optimism, philosophy, and the pursuit of knowledge. Sagittarius moons need constant adventure, so if these fiery moons become bored, they’ll be sure to gallop away.

Capricorn Moon: A Capricorn Moon favors long-lasting bonds, productivity, and success. Capricorn moons may appear a bit cold or unempathetic, but it’s only because they like to remain in control of their emotions.

Aquarius Moon: Humanitarianism, collaboration, and observation are key to an Aquarius Moon’s heart. Though Aquarius moons can seem aloof, they would prefer to save the world than waste precious time in idle banter.

Pisces Moon: Satiated through dreams, psychic powers, and empathy. Pisces moons can become easily detached from reality because they’re constantly straddling the material and nonmaterial planes, so Pisces moon needs creative outlets to express its boundless imagination.

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