It’s easy as we slog through January to lose the animating spark that a new year provides. Whatever goals you’ve set for yourself, now is the perfect time to check in. Forgive yourself for the missteps, celebrate the progress you’ve made. A new month is coming, another fresh chance to start fresh and grow more.

Mind: Eight of Cups

You’ve put your plans in motion, and now it’s time to strike out on your own. The work you’ve chosen for yourself is up to you to complete. Going forward, you’ll have to trust yourself and let your own vision guide you. No one can tell you which paths are for you, nor which choices are the correct ones. You may see this freedom as a burden, or as an exciting adventure, depending on your confidence in yourself. Either way the journey is here to teach you to be independent, and to listen to your intuition. How can you connect with your inner conviction?

Body: The Chariot

Persistence pays off! The Chariot is here to remind you to take a breath and reward yourself for your efforts. Working hard is important, but it’s equally essential to celebrate milestones we hit. What have you achieved that is tangible and valuable to you? Give it space to breathe this week. Let it grow and bolster you as your move forward. It’s time to give yourself some credit for shining so brightly and sharing yourself with the world. Make sure, then, to take care of the the body that has carried you thus far. Thank it for its endurance and strength, and pay attention to what it is asking you for. How can you celebrate you body this week?

Spirit: Five of Wands

It may feel like a grind, converting inspiration into tangible results. The Five of Wands catches us right in the middle of our plans, with a long to do list. The everyday work of building on our dreams can feel chaotic, with tangents taken and many plans executed at once. Juggling so much, it’s easy to forget that habit and discipline sustain our dreams, pushing us beyond the initial burst of energy an idea brings us. Trust that you are learning as much from the process as the eventual product. Moving from intent to action is in itself a feat to be celebrated, as long as it includes follow through. What groundwork have your laid to help you achieve your dreams?

Guidance: The Lovers

We all need something, every day full of reaching out with requests, with hopes and needs. The Lovers remind us of the joys and necessity of the connectivity, that interdependence. It also reminds us that on the receiving end of our requests are other people, filled with desires, hopes, and dreams as big and important as our own. As you push toward your goals, makes sure to respect this give and take. Let it bolster and sustain you, this radiating sense of community created by our mutual need. Don’t forget to reach back out and connect to give back to others who support you. How can you support them in return?