From friends and lovers to family and coworkers, we’re used to understanding our community through astrology. But what about our most loyal companions–our pets? Turns out, pet astrology is a new trend amongst the masses. While Cesar Milan may be busy and expensive, looking at the astrological charts of you pets can help you resolve many issues (and it won’t cost you a dime). We’ve looked into several different pets as part of the process to prove all living beings are connected, harmonized in spirit, and connected through the stars. 

The sky can teach us many things about our personality and habits, beyond our Sun sign horoscope. Your Capricorn Sun sign tells you why you’re such a hard worker. Your Cancer Moon explains how you nurture those you love. We can let you in on a little secret–your pet has a birth chart too! A Gemini Sun, for example, can finally solve the riddle now why your June baby cat is chattier than your best friend. There is a wealth of information you can take away from your little companion’s blueprint from the sky. For example, you might not know it, but your Gemini cat might be in charge of your relationship. Or your relationship with your puppy has evolved, but the answer to how and why is probably based on the stars.

Since we are most familiar with our domesticated felines and canines, let’s focus on those relationships. It’s important to remember, though, that all forms of life on earth have their own sun sign personality. You might be asking why one would want to understand their pets a bit more? Pets are very much like young children. They can break through our tough (or not-so-tough) exteriors and get direct access to our hearts. It’s time we start to show our “friend till the end” that we understand them as much as they understand us. By looking at your pet’s chart, you will be on your way to gaining insight into personality traits and how to best work with them. Before you know it, you’ll be forming an even closer bond to your best friend (cat, dog, or another living creature). Now, we can reciprocate the unconditional love they show to us.

Several questions might be popping up in your mind right now, so we’ve enlisted the help of three little friends and their birth charts to answer the discussion points and themes we’re about to explore. We’ll be introducing you first to Augustus “Gussy” Sansoucie, a Sagittarius Newfoundland Labrador mix. His Capricorn Moon and Sun sign personality makes him a shape-shifter of sorts who loves to relate to others. Then, you’ll meet a pair of wildly fun twin cats, Boots and Girl Cat. These two Taurus felines will show us how similar, yet different twins can be in the animal world, sharing a Sagittarius Moon. Lastly, we interviewed Louie. Louie is a Scorpio Cockatoo Parrot who was born during a Scorpio Solar Eclipse! Yes, even our Avian friends have a personality all their own. This New Moon friend loves his privacy and the sounds of Beyoncé!



Luck and prosperity are in the stars for this Sagittarius Newfoundland Labrador mix. Augustus, often referred to as “Gussy” by his intimate friends, is a fun-loving furball.

Like most Sagittarius sun natives, Gussy’s friendly demeanor sparks the interest of humans as well as other animals. Owner Kaitlin Sansoucie says, “Gussy is always finding a puddle to splash around in with friends.” This “chatty” pup “wants to hang non-stop with others in the dog park.”

However, Gussy has a serious side he hides from the world, rarely seen by others. His Capricorn Moon and Mercury conjunction notes a strong desire to deeply reflect and meditate on the past. Unwinding by watching nightly news shows, Gussy embraces his Saturnian Mercurial energy by barking ferociously at dim witted political commentary and growling at the T.V. screen when his furry views don’t align with current civic views expressed by news anchors. Like most Cardinal Moons, Gussy takes a stand against patriarchal shows, opting to access his Neptune-Chiron conjunction, and heal by escaping the mundane in the world of reality T.V.

With Venus in Scorpio, Gussy manages to compartmentalize logic and emotion, often shape shifting to relate to others. Whether he’s cuddling with “mom” in bed during thunder storms or tricking his friends by stealing their treats, this hound is undeniably loyal. Just don’t get in his way as he plays and stalks squirrels in Central Park, his intensity and drive to have fun will take you for a ride as you hold on to his leash!


Boots and Girl Cat are a set of wild Taurus Abyssinian Tabby twins born on May 5th, Cinco de Mayo. These party felines are unique free thinkers, who are completely different from each other.

The planetary ruler of their Taurus Sun is Venus. In their chart, Venus flows through the sign of airy Gemini. Also known as the sign of siblings, their shared Venus in Gemini is important to understanding their twin chart.

Communication and lively activity are fundamental parts of their daily routine amongst each other. Much like the Castor and Pollux myth, these felines long to be close, however, they often take space. “Girl Cat plays by herself in the middle of the night,” and “can’t resist cuddling” with Boots during catnaps, owner Kaitlin notes. Their desire to pursue separate interests is marginalized by their need to be close.

Girl Cat is “a natural huntress,” embracing her Sagittarius Moon by hunting her prey. Armed with only her natural reflexes, this risky feline seizes every opportunity to squash every bug in sight! The opposite can be said about Boots, who prefers slinking around the house and watching in support as Girl Cat pounces about.

Pluto and Jupiter rest on their Sagittarius Moon. While these siblings may claw and hiss at the other all day, they wind up as cuddle buddies by bedtime. Their hearts beat faster, and their fears are diminished when the other is near. Three’s a party with a Moon-Pluto conjunction (Pluto prefers to bring in a third party for assistance). Guess who is the third in this cuddle-some? Not only than Gussy (see interview above) who shares a Sun-Moon conjunction with these feline twins, making all three best friends forever.


Unlike most friendly parrots, this Scorpio Cockatoo parrot is guarded. Born during the Scorpio Solar Eclipse November 3rd, 2013, Louie is fiercely loyal and protective of his owner. In true Scorpio form, a simple glare from this feathered cockatoo can send you into a tailspin. Saturn strongly graces his New Moon chart aspecting several planets: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, and the North Node of Destiny; making this winged creature very disciplined, self-sufficient, and responsible.

Rather than expressing himself by repeating gossip, Louie prefers to silently listen to others and hum tunes overheard, preferring the melodic rhythms of Beyoncé over simple coffee talk. As a cockatoo born during mercury retrograde, Louie has put his foot in his mouth a few times. His master Joe recalls one Mercurial blunder, saying that: “One time I had a date over and I was trying to impress my new romantic interest by having Louie say her name. We practiced for a week. He repeatedly said my mother’s name by accident when my date came over and she thought it was another girl.” Needless to say, Joe has not tried this trick again to avoid future embarrassments. Another testimony to his penetrative, watery Mercurial nature is Louie’s “extreme shyness at times” in which he “hides around new people until he feels their energy” due to his strong, empathic, intuitive nature.

With Venus in Sagittarius conjunct his owner Joe’s Sun sign, they have great chemistry. Louie is given the freedom to sore around the apartment, and is mostly uncaged, “I tried to force him into his cage, but, like me, he is uninhibited” says Joe. Just like most warm-blooded Venus in Sagittarius animals, free spirited Louie cannot be confined to a cage. In order to feel comfortable, he needs to flap his wings around their apartment and explore.

“We depend on each other. Through the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, we know we can rely on each other,” Joe goes further to call their friendship “easy” and “full of happiness.” Both master and pet spend quality time together staring out the window of their Brooklyn brownstone, glaring at unrefined pigeons who do not have the love and friendship Joe and Louie share.