Welcome to a brand new year! We’re beginning 2018 under the light of a supermoon, illuminating everything we’ve worked to uncover over the past few months, and lighting the path for where we’d like to go. We’ll be feeling power and mobility in almost every area of our lives, from romance, to work, to community and communication. After a year of going deep, making connections, and rolling around in the muck of deeper truths and realizations, we are ready to activate some major changes to ring in the new year.

Mind: Justice

We begin a new year with accountability. It’s time, to be honest with ourselves about the role we played in bringing ourselves to where we are, how we contributed both to our victories and our failures. This accountability is paramount in doing “the work”-that is, the work that moves us forward, that brings us closer to our goals and to our truths. Justice calls upon us to be fair in our judgments. We accept ourselves with grace, humility, and softness. Justice also signals that this is a year where those responsible for the chaos and destruction in our world will finally begin to be taken to task.





Body: Two of Swords

If you’ve been struggling with decisions lately, the Two of Swords arrives to bring in a fresh sense of decisiveness. This is a time to attack problems with strength and intellect. We’ve all faced problems that seemed easier to hide from than to solve, but trust that facing them head-on is the only way to move forward. Begin the year boldly staring into the face of your demons-you may find them easier to conquer than you’ve been fearing.





Spirit: Four of Swords

What strength can you find in silence? You’ve been fighting for so long, and the Four of Swords is a reminder to take refuge in rest. The way of the warrior is one of conscious strength—thrusting forward when the time calls for it and seeking solace when you need to recharge. Don’t be afraid to start the new year slowly, letting your reserves build to work over the long haul. Like a coiled snake, you’ll have the energy to strike when the time is right.





Guidance: The Empress

The Empress welcomes the new year with the Divine Feminine. She is an invitation to create, to luxuriate in beauty, to reflect on sensuality. She is an antidote to the violence and vulgarity we’ve been bombarded with lately. Nurture yourself and others this year—taking care is paramount. The Empress tells us that this year we will rise from deep reserves of Gaia energy to reclaim our place on the throne.