Question: What do we need to know as a Collective as we wrap up this year and look forward to the next? What wisdom do we glean, what lessons must we learn, what guidance can we trust to light our way?

Deck: Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative deck

Spread: 10 card spread, based on the traditional Celtic Cross spread

Present Moment:
The struggle for leadership that began the year has only heightened in recent months, growing from the frustration of the 7 of Wands into the visceral need for action of the Knight of Wands. But the firey impulsiveness of the Knight is tempered and directed by the Queen of Pentacles, who brings a much-needed grounding and focus on wellness in the physical/material realm. The inward-focused Queen of Pentacles is here to get us acclimated to the Yin as we begin a shift into a feminine mode of thought and communication coming at the top of the New Year with the Queen of Swords.

Guiding lesson and grounding principle:
Our guiding lesson throughout this crisis of leadership and action revolves around how to be in partnership with each other (as members of our local, national, and global communities) while maintaining our own distinct identities. In what was can we honor our differences as we cherish and strengthen our collective as a whole? With the Death card in the root position, there is a great opportunity to sort through individual and collective patterns of thought and behavior and finally release those patterns that are not serving our Highest Good. Be ready for many more public and private conversations around specific ways we can use language and action to assure that all members of the Collective are heard and respected. There is an incredibly positive positioning of The Empress in the root level with Death, showing us that at our core, we are truly loving and abundant beings and reassuring us that everything we release will serve to make room for the love and abundance we create to fill the void.

Meeting ourselves, meeting the world:
We meet the world with a seasoned eye for action, knowing deeply that we must trust not only ourselves but the world around us when preparing to make changes. Holding The Empress at our very core, the changes we make will be based on principles of love and provide for the good of all. The more we lean into the subtle energy of the 3 of Wands, the more we can count on it to return to us later in the year, after the Queen of Swords has infused our thinking and communication with her transformative powers. We can expect to stay in the contemplative phase of the 3 of Swords until after the full integration of the Queen of Swords, then to move forward in an informed way. The 8 of Swords in the Hopes and Fears position becomes more poignant when viewed in level with The Lovers – we fear to be alone: as individuals, as communities, as nations – as much as we fear to come together.

The way forward:
I read the final card in this spread as the Key Card – the guiding principle, the wisdom that unlocks every challenge, that provides the answer to every question, the energy that we use as an anchor point as we navigate through all the energies laid out in the other 9 cards. I teared up when I turned it over. The Ace of Cups. All you need is love. And here it is, the Divine hand reaching out of the ether to provide us with an overflowing cup of emotional cleansing and renewal, aided by the dove of peace.

So, my wish for you, dear friends, as we cross over in to a new year, is to meet every challenge with an open heart. Be brave enough to be vulnerable. Love yourselves fiercely so you are filled up and ready to love and support your partners in this collective experiement of humanity. Take time every day to open your heart and your spirit to the glorious Love of the Divine. Dare to expect love and peace. Dare to demand it of yourself.