Energetic, truth-seeking, and enthusiastic, Archers balance being the life of the party and educating the party on how they believe the world should be. With their fair and honest nature, those born during Sagittarius season tend to intrigue the world, as long as they don’t become too preachy and argumentative. Here’s a list of some celebrities that truly embody Sagittarius traits.

A true Sagittarius, Jay-Z’s high energy influences not only his music, but his overall presence as well. Whether you’re inspired by his lyrics or his marriage to Beyoncé, the rapper has been an influential artist for the three decades and inspiring his fans to find higher meaning.



Taylor Swift
This pop sensation embodies the good and the bad of The Archer – while she encourages female empowerment, she has the tendency to be preachy and argumentative when she doesn’t necessarily have the right to be. Love her or hate her, she’s truly enthusiastic about her music and her fans, and has lots of fun doing it.



Zoë Kravitz

Kravitz proved herself to be a true Sagittarius in her recent interview with Elle saying, “It’s good to be polite, but it’s important to be honest.” Archers are straight shooters who like to tell it exactly as it is and look for the truth wherever they can find it. While the actress is fun-loving, she’s not afraid to enlighten the public with the realities of sexism and racism.



Candy Darling

 Although Candy Darling’s life was cut way too short, her influence on the night life scene in the 1980s East Village earned her a permanent seat in Andy Warhol’s Factory. Instead of becoming the famous movie star she always wanted to be, she became a muse for the Velvet Underground and a coveted star for experimental art films – all while hosting the highest energy parties in New York City.


Bruce Lee
Inspirational and upbeat, this Sagittarius opened Western cultures to martial arts by appearing in several hit movies and even teaching classes himself. Not only has Lee influenced generations of Americans to study karate, but his educational background in Asian and Western philosophy and his own published books on the subjects prove he’s an energetic, enlightened Archer.



Mos Def
Musician, actor, and activist, Mos Def doesn’t do anything without dedication, enthusiasm, and honesty. Whether he’s writing iconic hits or enlightening the world about police brutality, he does it with the same energy the Archer would.