The holiday season is here, which means no matter how you celebrate, you’ll probably looking for gifts for the loved ones in your life (and, let’s be honest-there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself either)! From zodiac themed planners for your Virgo friend to ritual candles for the fiery Scorpio in your life, we have all the best gifts, chosen by sign.


Candle magick is a year round go-to for fire signs, and we love these Tiny Ritual Spell Candles. Each candle (they run the gamut from healing, to love, to protection) contains a Quartz crystal you can hold onto once the spell is complete. Zenbunni’s Holy Smoke incense fuses ancient inspiration with modern vibes, using Indonesian herbs and spices to elevate your consciousness to a higher plane.


Want to impart some harmony, balance, and alignment to the Air signs in your life? Crystal Cactus’ Chakra Jasmine Prism Mist combines Jasmine essential oil and stones like garnet, citrine, and adventurine to align chakras and promote well being. To bring some magick to the home, help your friends elevate their decor with a celestial wall hanging. 


Earth signs are known to be detail oriented planners, so why not glam up their organization with one of these zodiac journals? You can also help them stay grounded and cultivate that green thumb with this Garden Jar Kitchen Herb Kit. Each kit contains basil, parsley, and mint and (bonus) they are self watering, giving your earthy loves more time to get things done.


Incausa’s ritual Bath and Meditation Sets come with a bundle of Palo Santo, White Sage, and essential oil soap, making for the perfect soothing bath. To add an extra dose of liquid power, gift one of these Flower and Star Essences. Choose between Creatrix (creativity), Aviatrix (focus and balance), Mediatrix (beauty) and Bellatrix (power and success) and send your friends abundance in the new year.


No matter what your sign you are, we can all use some extra guidance to help us sort out the season. Pick up one of our Winter Forecasts for a friend (and treat yourself!) to get full insight into December and January from expert astrologer Kelli Fox. Each forecast comes with a video from Kelli, a calendar of key dates for your sign, monthly affirmations and the Sanctuary Starbook, our journaling workbook to help you reflect and manifest all winter long.

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