We’re entering the full swing of the festive winter season with an astrologically charged week–Sunday’s Full Supermoon also ushers in the final Mercury Retrograde of the year, encouraging us to slow down and reflect on what 2017 has brought us and what we want to foster as we turn the page into a new year.

The Spirit of Ether: The Foolish Man

You can hold everything and nothing at once. As we face the miscommunications and tension brought about by Mercury Retrograde, we are asked to consider what role we play in our own misfortune. The Foolish Man stashes his belongings at the edge of the sea, unaware of the threatening waves. But just as he tempts fate, he invites creativity and knowledge in the face of the unknown. Be aware of your surroundings this week, but don’t be afraid to consider possibilities you once thought impossible.

Magus of the Voice of Light: The Hermit

A light burns in the distance; perhaps it has been there all along. As we plunge deeper into the darkness of winter, we are reminded to seek the flame that burns without oil. There is cosmic fire within us all, radiating outward and lighting our way. Sometimes it burns cool and slow, other times it flashes and ignites. What can you do to tend to your flame this week?

XV: Teacup

Sip slowly. Stretch. Indulge in long conversations. The Teacup encourages us to allow the day to unfold before us with steady grace and intention. The Supermoon intensifies December’s energy while Mercury Retrograde holds it back, creating a dynamic of knowledge that is delivered slowly. You may be confronted with people or ideas from your past—take time this week to consider whether it’s time to let them go, and what is worth holding on to.

Princess of the Echoing Hills: Princess of Pentacles 

The Princess of Pentacles stands tall, strong, and beautiful. She is associated with the earth, of instigating change based in the natural world. Do you feel connected to the ground beneath your feet, or the trees with their fallen leaves? It can be frightening to align yourself with the earth as everything begins to freeze, but remember: you can allow parts of you to die so that you can be reborn into what you need and who you are destined to become. It is dark and cold now, under the watch of this Cold Supermoon, but we always brave the winter with the promise of reaping the magick of the thaw.


Tarot decks used: 

The Hermetic Tarot

ExtraOrdinary Tarot by Amanda and Natty

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