Soon it will be time to gather up the sparkling, enthusiastic parts of ourselves, but this week we get a period of downtime before the holiday season swings into full gear. Mercury retrograde arrives on Sunday, a perfectly timed period of reflection that encourages us to slow our pace way down. It’s also a time to reflect on the warm glow of the connections we build and nurture over this festive month. Spending time with friends and family, planning for a big celebration, and preparing for a whole new year, this week we focus on headed toward December with joy, gratitude, and excitement in our hearts.

Mind: Dreams

Tarotscope Sanctuary Oracle of Oddities DreamNow is a great time to reflect on the dreams you held for yourself in 2017. How did you move towards them and how did you reorient yourself? Contemplation of past year will serve you well as you look forward, and help you prepare for next month’s festivities. With Mercury retrograde beginning at the end of the week, it’s the perfect time to slow down, take your time, and dream bigger than ever. What are your big hopes and aspirations for the coming year?


Body: Vision

Tarotscope Sanctuary Oracle of Oddities VisionWith all this future focus, it can be difficult to be in your body, anchored in the present moment. Give yourself permission to take a break and relax this week, as the season puts a lot of pressure to interact with others. As wonderful as it is to be busy and enthusiastic, be conscious of your body’s limits, and look hard at what you need right now. Creating a nurturing environment for yourself will help you envision a healthy fresh start while you’re whirling toward December. How will you listen to your body’s needs, and how can you support yourself as you move forward?

Spirit: Manifest

Tarotscope Sanctuary Oracle of Oddities ManifestThe palpable excitement we feel as we barrel into the end of the year is in part a celebration of the close of one year and the freshness of another. We turn to new vision boards and new resolutions in the wake of the end of December, but now’s our chance to reflect with plenty of space. The opportunities are endless, so take some time this week to consider what you’re hoping for as you wrap up the year. Now is a great time to journal about what you achieved and to think forward to what you want to create. What magic will you manifest with a clean slate?

Guidance: Connection

Tarotscope Sanctuary Oracle of Oddities Connection

Let the glow of the relationships you celebrated last week at Thanksgiving carry you into this next month. What, and who, are you grateful for this year? Make sure to reach out to the people you love, even with a quick text, to remind them that you appreciate them. Head into the holiday season considering the amazing impact of love in your life and let it guide you when you’re feeling a little crazed or overwhelmed by the busyness of December. Make some concrete plans: how you carry the gratitude and connection forward into the next month?


Tarot deck used:

Oracle of Oddities, first edition, Black and the Moon.

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