The 3 of Cups represents idyllic emotional collaboration – people coming together with open hearts to celebrate abundance in love and sustenance, dancing through the fruits of a bountiful harvest. Basically, the perfect holiday vibe. Kick this energy into high gear at your Thankgiving – or any holiday – gatherings with a little Kitchen Magick courtesy of Tarot reader Melinda Lee Holm and chef Courtney McBroom.

3 of Cups Pumpkin Punch
1 (13.4–oz) can ​dulce de leche
1 (14-oz) can ​​sweetened condensed milk
2 (13.66-oz) cans ​full fat coconut milk (draws in protection)
1 cup ​​​pumpkin puree (promotes abundance)

Bourbon, whiskey or rye​ (to taste)
1 liter ​​​ginger beer (magickal accelerant)
1 liter ​​​club soda
​​​Freshly grated nutmeg (for luck and prosperity)

1. Transfer the dulce de leche to a microwave safe container and zap it for 1 minute to loosen it up.
2. Combine the dulce de leche and sweetened condensed milk in a large pitcher.
3. Add the coconut milk and pumpkin puree to the pitcher and stir to combine. If the mixture looks lumpy, use a whisk to break it up. This can be made up to 4 days ahead of time and kept covered in the refrigerator.
4. When you are ready to serve, grab your favorite punchbowl and put a giant ice cube in it.
5. Pour the coconut milk concoction over the ice cube and into the bowl. Pour enough to fill the bowl halfway, reserving the rest for another batch.
6. Add as much alcohol as you see fit. Depending on my mood, I usually add about one-half of a 750ml bottle. Twirl the ice cube around to mix everything together, then top the punch off with equal parts ginger beer and club soda.

Tip: keep things cool with Rose Quartz infused ice:
Line an appropriately sized container with plastic wrap, then fill it halfway with water, let it freeze for a few hours. Arrange rose quartz on top of the ice. Cover the rose quartz with more water, filling it to top of the bowl. Put it in the freezer until it becomes a solid block of ice with the rose quartz frozen in the middle. (An appropriately sized container is one that could easily fit inside the larger bowl you are going to serve this amazing punch in.)

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