Sagittarius season is upon us, bringing a reminder to embrace change with spontaneity and open-arms. No matter your sun sign, we could all use a little flexibility and optimism as Scorpio season comes to a close.  Here are some crystals to help you rediscover your independence and love for life.


Not all of us have the carefree nature of the Archer, so we may need a little help balancing our emotions and letting go of negativity. Malachite is known for cleansing our energy and allowing us to feel hopeful and positive about what’s to come in our lives.


December’s birthstone is said to harness calming and soothing energies. The blue crystal can be utilized to bring upon graceful transitions through aiding in practical thinking for solutions and seeing the best in ourselves.

The Golden Healer Lemurian Seed Crystal

Made of quartz, The Golden Healer Lemurian Seed Crystal is said to act as a guide as we embark on a new journey of self-discovery. Sagittarius season is about rediscovering what we like about ourselves and then acting upon it, and this crystal can be a good way to plunge into a new approach to life.

Red Jasper

If you need to find a new passion or excitement for life, Red Jasper could be a good stone for you. Known for manifesting creative energy and vitality, Red Jasper allows for the perfect balance of passion and focus.


To embrace December in true Sagittarian fashion, use Sunstone to feel enthusiastic about all life has to offer. Said to increase vivaciousness and energy, it can encourage you to look for fun and positivity in everything you do.


While maintaining a sense of wonder and excitement for life has its benefits, sometimes we have to learn to accept exactly where we are in our journey. If you feel distracted by the idea of new possibilities, Pyromorphite may help you settle down and reconcile with your truth. In fact, this green stone is known for its healing energy and its ability to rebalance mind and body.

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