The recent New Moon in Scorpio has given us yet another opportunity for transformation in 2017. For many of us, hearing this is a relief. At the same time, some of us honestly wonder if we have the energy for even more change. This year has given us so much to grow from and very little time to recalibrate in between each new wave. But if we’ve learned anything from the world around us over the past 11 months, it’s that real progress can only be made when our eyes and ears are open to new information. Think of these back-to-back changes as a giant influx of data– wait for it to finish uploading before you come up with a system for it all. This week, your job isn’t to make perfect sense of everything just yet. Your only job is to ride the lightning while it strikes.


Mind: Eight of Wands

Our minds are running rapid fire as this week begins. The Eight of Wands points to the electricity, high voltage energy and action toward our goals. Do you feel like a creative vessel has been cracked open or there’s a sudden influx of movement on all fronts? Don’t let this hit you like a tidal wave disguised as stress. This is a mess you’re meant to embrace, so cup as much of it in your hands as you possibly can. It may feel overwhelming to move at this pace, but you don’t need to act with brute force or haste right now. Savor it, be grateful for what is on your plate right now and let it fuel your brilliance. There’s plenty to learn here.


Body: Debauch
Right now we’re very aware of what is and isn’t working in our lives, and it’s stirring up feelings we may consider putting on the back-burner. We want the quicker, simple solutions. The 7 of Cups, or Debauch, asks us to re-evaluate our impulses toward instant gratification that comes with longer-lasting consequences. Over the next seven days, raw emotions can become the perfect free pass for holiday debauchery, so this gives us an opportunity to identify authentically joyful experiences from fleeting distractions. This card is reminding you to love your body that much more when your mind needs a rest. How can you make your body and mind support one another this week?


Spirit:The Hierophant

Your spirit always has something to teach you about your patterns and processes. It takes the conscious mind a bit of time to catch up with what the soul is already aware of, and even more time when we life gets too busy and distracting for us to pause, question and revisit parts of our life that we’ve accepted as the norm. It’s time for us to listen to the lessons and messages from our spirit so that we can be freed from stale cycles in our lives. The deeper part of your intuition has made a “to go” pile, but needs you to acknowledge it in order to shed what doesn’t serve you anymore. What can you do this week to connect with your higher self and honor the messages of your intuition?


Guidance: Sea Change

When we can’t unsee what we’ve seen or unhear what we’ve heard, or when an idea finally clicks and makes sense, it’s nearly impossible to revert back to life before we gained this wisdom. Stay open to the insights that will help you to chart your course and look for the messages now. We don’t always control when and how information comes to us. Protea challenges us to surrender to choppy currents, to buoy ourselves and buckle up for any storms headed our way. Keep yourself healthy, allow yourself to experience the storm and feel what you’re feeling.


Tarot decks used: 

Pythia Botanica Oracle Deck by Leila + Olive

Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck

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Emily Thomas

Emily is a Toronto-born, Los Angeles-raised writer living in New York. She has spent previous lives as a 19th Century detective and as an herbalist alongside her Celtic ancestors.