Modern witches know that magick can be practiced everywhere you go-including the kitchen. Herbs and spices have been celebrated for medicinal and magickal qualities for centuries, but today we’re using them as power ingredients in our favorite recipes. Cooking is one of the most potent forms of ritual that we practice, especially over the holidays. Just like your zodiac sign, herbs and spices are also ruled by specific planets and are connected to astrology. To help you whip up something inspired, we found the herbs and the planet you have in common to match you to your power ingredient. Now get cooking!


Your planetary ruler: Mercury

Your ingredient: Parsley

Resourceful, hard working, and organized, Virgos can find a special connection to parsley through your mutual ruling planet Mercury. Tied to the planet of communication, parsley is also a natural breath freshener and is used in magick for purification and protection. Parsley packs a ton of vitamins in each bite and is a detail that can make all the difference in soups and sauces.


Your planetary ruler: Venus

Your ingredient: Thyme

Libras may find a connection to thyme in your natural inclination for peacekeeping and harmony. Thyme is associated with courage, and it’s been said that Roman soldiers used it in baths for a dose of bravery before battle. Thyme has also been used for purging rooms of sadness and is a good ingredient to keep around at a funeral. Use this feel-good herb for roasting poultry or a hearty stuffing recipe.


Your planetary ruler: Venus

Your ingredient: Vanilla

How did vanilla become synonymous to “plain” when it has been considered such a rare and luxurious commodity through history? In that context, vanilla is a perfect match for its ruler, Venus. As a staple of so many wonderful recipes, vanilla is the right match for a Taurus. It’s reliable yet sensual, earthy yet idealistic. Give a taste of home to your next gathering with a batch of vanilla sugar cookies this season.


Your planetary ruler: Mercury

Your ingredient: Dill

Dill’s etymology stems from the Norwegian word “dilla,” meaning, “to soothe.” This herb became widely popular as a secret ingredient to give to colic babies for its calming properties. Dill is a perfect herb to add to any savory root vegetable recipe you may be cooking up this season (potatoes, cauliflower) and is your fish dish’s best friend. Try infusing it into butter (and reading this sentence without letting your mouth water).


Your planetary ruler: Moon

Your ingredient: Lemon

Lemon balm is more commonly associated with the Moon than lemon itself, but we opted for the herb’s citrus sister, which also carries heavy ties to the Moon and its association with water. Lemon is used in magick for many love and purification spells– but as a power ingredient for cooking, Cancers will find this suits any mood they’re feeling and nurturing hosts can can add it to almost every course. Enjoy putting lemon in your salad dressing, with seafood, roast chicken, in a cocktail, in a tart…and use the juice to help clean the dishes after.


Your planetary ruler: Sun

Your ingredient: Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been used in mystical practices for centuries, from Ayurvedic medicine to mummification in ancient Egypt. Appropriately ruled by the Sun, this spice is connected to the element of fire and can play a key role in rituals used to ignite passion. Leos, also ruled by the Sun, will find an easy time using cinnamon to bring excitement to a meal. In fact, the odds are really in your favor here with the endless cinnamon recipes for  rolls, pies and hot drinks.


Your planetary ruler: Pluto

Your ingredient: Basil

Spicy Scorpios will appreciate that the word basil has a somewhat controversial origin—the name is derived from the Greek word for “dragon” or the Greek word for “King,” depending on who you ask. In Medieval times, the herb was used in magickal rituals to banish evil, as well as to summon scorpions. Nowadays, basil is still believed to have detoxifying effects, making it a nice choice to steep in a tea. More ambitious cooks can utilize it in homemade pesto or olive oil infusion.


Your planetary ruler: Jupiter

Your ingredient: Nutmeg

Ruled by Jupiter and Sagittarius, Nutmeg has closer ties to exploration and risks than one may expect. This spice was a golden ticket in the 17th Century. The Dutch were so hungry for it that they traded Manhattan Island (yes, the one you’re thinking of) for Nutmeg from the British. And as it is appropriately associated with good fortune in magick, consider Nutmeg to be your lucky culinary charm. This spice is a perfect ingredient in apple pies or pumpkin soup.


Your planetary ruler: Saturn

Your ingredient: Rosemary

You may not have associated rosemary with the sea before, but the name actually comes from latin origin, rosmarinus, or “dew of the sea.” Rosemary was often used to protect boats in rituals at sea (along with mistletoe, which some used to keep away lightning in storms). Many use rosemary to help with memory carrying a sprig of it and if you need to purify your hands before a ritual, you can rub it between your palms if you don’t have water nearby. Ambitious Capricorns will find it easy to kick up the flavor and quality of any meal by adding rosemary to pork, lamb, fish and breads– oh, the breads…


Your planetary ruler: Uranus

Your ingredient: Fennel

Ruled by the planet of the unconventional, fennel is the perfect unique ingredient for an Aquarius who wants to bring an original flavor to their feast. This herb has been known to rouse up confidence and courage when used with intention. It’s also a champion choice for helping with digestion. Whip up a bold serving of this in a grilled vegetable or pasta dish.


Your planetary ruler: Neptune

Your ingredient: Sage

Sage is known for its healthy properties and purification, but it is also tied to wealth. Long ago, sage was grown so that the plant’s health would indicate the potential success of a family’s business. This could be part of the reason behind its many uses in prosperity spells. If you’re a carnivore, sage might be your new best friend, as it goes well with virtually any meat. It also tastes amazing in pasta dishes like gnocchi.


Your planetary ruler: Mars

Your ingredient: Saffron

Mars is an active and masculine planet, which is why it is associated with bold saffron. Native to Europe, saffron is believed to help with depression and memory. Daring and energetic Aries will appreciate the addition of saffron to risotto or a stew. Like Mars (and the sign of Aries) saffron is an intense spice, so use sparingly—a little bit goes a long way.

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Emily Thomas

Emily is a Toronto-born, Los Angeles-raised writer living in New York. She has spent previous lives as a 19th Century detective and as an herbalist alongside her Celtic ancestors.