For Tali and Ophira Edut, the sky is the limit. Known as the AstroTwins, these stellar sisters have written tomes on everything astrological, from Zodiac inflected fashion (Shoestrology: Find Your Birthday Shoe) to parenting (Momstrology: The AstroTwins’ Guide to Parenting Your Little One by the Stars). They are also the go to astrologers for a host of celebs, including Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, and Sting. To mark the release of their latest book, 2018 Planetary Planner: The Complete Horoscope Guide for Every Sun Sign, Tali and Ophira talked to us about cosmic codes, astrological alarms, and what to expect in 2018.

Your goal is to “bring the stars down to earth.” What is your approach in practicing and modernizing astrology, a practice that has existed for thousands of years?

Tali: In past eras of history, astrology was seen as more of a deterministic art form— people lived with the rhythms of the stars and planets, but there was also fear. Humanity and consciousness have evolved. We have a sense of some control over our destinies, so we try to present astrology as a tool. Our clients and readers are very smart, very self-aware— or interested in becoming that way. They’re on a mission and they don’t want to be stopped by their own blind spots.

Ophira: I believe our souls pick the exact moment of birth so that they receive their chart as sort of a “cosmic code,” a roadmap to what they’ll experience— and how they can evolve. It’s rough enough to allow for free will and a multitude of choices, but specific enough to give guidance about a person’s strengths and challenges, what they need to develop, or work harder to overcome.

Tali: We don’t say, “Hey, here’s your chart and you’re stuck with this.” We say, “Here’s your owner’s manual. Now that you understand it a little better, what would you like to change?” The moment you gain awareness about how you’re designed, you can begin to develop self-mastery. It’s a bit of a paradox, but a really cool one.

Ophira: And the end game, really, is to move beyond the concerns of the self. Once you understand your chart, you go beyond navel-gazing or using astrology to make excuses. Your job is to take what you’ve learned from the other stars and planets and help THIS planet, Earth, which kinda happens to be burning.

What is one area of astrology that is the most underrated in its influence?

Tali: We love tracking the cycles of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, et. al) on our life passages. There are certain ages and stages where these planets play a major awakening role. More and more people are learning about the Saturn return that happens around 29 and 54. It’s a three-year challenge period that pushes us to grow. People can get very confused and defeated if they don’t know what’s happening— that they’re being challenged for a reason, so that they grow up and separate from the family ties, become their own person. Learn responsibility and accountability— all the lessons of Saturn.

The Uranus opposition around age 42 is huge for women— it’s the “kundalini rising” when we get in touch with our throat chakras and find our voices, which is why so many women experience thyroid issues if they’ve suppressed their yang energy and desire to speak up. The Chiron return that happens around 49 or 50, for example, is a major time of healing and spiritual awakening. Many people suddenly feel disoriented and detach from their material concerns to seek more meaning. They may leave a marriage or a job, or just feel uncomfortable in the one they’re in.

2017 has been a pretty turbulent year. What can we can expect in 2018? 

Tali: 2017 was the Year of the Fire Rooster in Chinese Astrology— and boy did we see that. The Rooster is our astrological alarm, so many people got “woke” in 2017. But just as many cocky alphas were strutting around, tearing each other down on Twitter and battling for domination of the barnyard. The outing of men like Harvey Weinstein was par for the course.

Ophira: In addition, Saturn, the planet of both structure and suppression, has been in Sagittarius, the sign of international relations and diversity. That brought us movements like #BlackLivesMatter as well as the rising xenophobia and attempted travel bans.

Tali: In 2018, we have some major planetary movements. Saturn is going to be in Capricorn for the first time since 1991, and it will join up with Pluto here. Uranus will move into Taurus for the first time in 77 years! So there’s a trend of planets entering earth signs. It will also be the Year of the Earth Dog in Chinese astrology. Perhaps that will help us all get a little more rooted. That said, Uranus is in “fall” in Taurus—the last time it was there was during the Great Depression and World War II. We’ll certainly see some changes to the economy and we’ll need to watch out for the rising radicalization of fringe groups that are using technology (ruled by Uranus) to spread. The shadow side of earth energy can be prejudiced and stuck.

Ophira: By the end of 2018, three planets will be in their “home” signs—the signs that they rule. Jupiter will be in Sagittarius, Saturn will be in Capricorn, Neptune will be in Pisces. I’m hoping (optimistically) that this may balance some of the energy that’s gotten the world so polarized.

Is there anything we can do in the next few months to prepare for what’s to come next year?

Ophira: Definitely! Understanding what’s ahead is the best medicine. It really helps to know which historical cycles are coming back around. As we were researching Saturn’s return to Capricorn, we learned that the Berlin Wall was built during one Saturn in Capricorn cycle and torn down the next. Now, we have a president who wants to build a wall again—and hopefully we can learn from our history instead of repeating it. Saturn and Capricorn both rule structures and architecture, but this is a shadow expression of it. Our 2018 Planetary Planner goes into major detail about the big-picture trends along with giving predictions for every sign. This year, the whole book is over 500 pages!

What are your signs (sun, rising, moon)? How does it affect how you work individually but also together? 

Ophira: We are Sagittarius Sun, Capricorn rising and Scorpio moon. We also have Mercury, Venus, Mars and the midheaven in Scorpio.

Tali: Learning that was what really got us hooked on astrology years ago, back when we were in art school at The University of Michigan and got our first chart done. We’d been reading about Sagittarius and it definitely fit us—but this made it ALL make sense.

Ophira: The Capricorn rising has always oriented us toward business. We’ve been turning our hobbies into businesses since we were in grade school—we learned calligraphy and by sixth grade, the school district was paying us to hand-letter all the graduation certificates.

Tali: Then all that Scorpio just made us obsessed with putting together puzzles, whether it was literally a 5,000-piece jigsaw or understanding the way people are wired and how relationships work.

Ophira: As twins, we joke that we were born married! We’ve been in sync with another person since the womb—and it’s probably fueling our obsession with helping people understand their interpersonal dynamics. Two of my favorite books that we’ve written are Love Zodiac, which is about the men of every sign, and How to Get Along with Anyone (Yes, Even THAT Person)—which explains how any two signs can be compatible, as long as they understand why they’re together.

Your work has shown that you can incorporate astrology into so many areas, from self-help to fashion to parenting. Is there anything about the versatility and application of astrology that you think would surprise people? 

Tali: It’s true— you can astrologize almost anything, and we have! And while it’s been fun to do assignments like matching La Croix sparkling waters to the signs (yeah, we did that once), we recommend doing a basic birth chart and learning about ALL your placements.

Ophira: I’m also obsessed with the north and south nodes in the chart. It’s a singular lens on your past lives AND your life purpose this time around. It’s simply amazing how it can bottom-line exactly what you’re here to learn in this lifetime—as a “spiritual being having a human experience.” After looking at hundreds, if not thousands, of charts, reincarnation has become undeniable to me.

Tali: For example, may you have a south node (your past life point) in Aries, and you’ve been very masculine and independent in past lives. You bring that into this lifetime. But your north node is in the opposite sign of Libra, and you must also learn about relationships and feminine energy. Coexisting will be a challenge—but when you understand that it’s coded into your destiny, you can rise to that instead of sabotaging every commitment.

For those who are new to astrology, is there any advice you can give in how to get the most out of reading horoscopes and applying those insights? 

Ophira: Use astrology as a tool— and don’t give your power away to it. Sure, Mercury retrograde might be wreaking havoc on your life. An eclipse might shake things up. But even the hard times are designed for you to grow, to become a better person by how you rise to meet these challenges. Look for the lesson and the opportunity. (A very Sagittarius spin, I know!)

Tali: Do your chart. Go a little beyond the Sun sign and add the dimension of your moon and rising sign. Do your friends’ and family members’ charts— even look at difficult people’s charts. Every one of these people is a teacher, and you can learn so much about YOUR role on the planet.


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Emily Thomas

Emily is a Toronto-born, Los Angeles-raised writer living in New York. She has spent previous lives as a 19th Century detective and as an herbalist alongside her Celtic ancestors.