This week as we transition into Scorpio season, we are being asked to confront the power structures that we exist within, and edge up against on the daily. This four card spread tells us who our tarot guide is for the energies of the week, what energies we need to release, what energies we need to step fully into, and what is a possible solution to these tricky power dynamics we see playing out in our personal lives and on the global stage.

Our Tarot Guide: The Emperor (Rx)
Notice when you want control. Notice when that feeling of control feeds you in a healthy way, and when it trips you into feeling anger and limited self-worth. The Emperor craves control. They need to have their authority known. Sometimes, it’s for a good cause. Sometimes, we need a solid leader. Sometimes, their propensity for domination perpetuates a nasty cycle of oppression. Be mindful of the power dynamics this week. Watch as they play out within you, in your relationships, and through this political moment. See the good intentions behind your desire to be controlling the moment, breathe into the sweetness there, and let go of anything else that feels domineering.

Release: 5 of Cups
With all the loss, the destruction, the fear of the negativity never ending, it can feel impossible to work ourselves out of this emotional storm. But we must move forward – not deeper down into despair. We need to pick ourselves up for our lovers, for our ancestors, for future generations to come. We need to show up for Mother Earth, nurture her, and allow her to flourish again. Do your best to let go of the fear and move into a more grounded place. Create connections in your community, within yourself and beyond, so that we may work toward fostering hope.

Nurture: 9 of Discs
This week, amid the chaotic moments, we are being asked to focus on the grounded work that we show up for daily. Hone your craft. Focus on what brilliance you personally can bring into the world each day. Dream into what you could do to be a healing influence in your own life. Take a moment to check-in with your sense of purpose – are you living it? Allow space for joy to blossom through your sustained work.

Solution: Temperance
Temperance is a truly alchemical card. With angelic energies that lift us up from a place of loss and transformation, Temperance reminds us to stay on track. We are continuously in process. The journey is ever unfolding, and Temperance is encouraging us to continue on. Seek balance, seek creative integration, seek transmutation, and know your own brand of alchemy. Most importantly, be kind to yourself and others. Being overly critical or harshing the vibe will get you nowhere in times like these.

Tarot decks used:
Black Power Tarot, by Khan & Eaton
Motherpeace Tarot, by Vicki Noble

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