With its rich history of the occult, the witches of American South have some serious polished looks, with long silhouettes in dark colors and mysterious accessories to tie it all together. Slip under the Spanish moss and embrace another side of the South with these picks.

Mesh Maxi Dress

Delicate and sexy, this mesh dress is the best kind of statement. Wear over a tight black midi dress for to embrace your flair for drama.




Velvet Blouse

Velvet is perhaps the most witchy fabric you can wear, and this deep blue top certainly conjures up those vibes. Finish the look with the matching wide-leg velvet pants.



Velvet Bubble Toe Oxford

These oxfords have a grownup Wednesday Addams aesthetic. Simultaneously cool and comfortable, these shoes will go with just about everything.



Marc Jacobs Round Gradient Sunglasses

Protect your eyes from the Southern sun while adding a little mystery to your look. These sunglasses cover your face just enough to let the world know not to mess with you.



Stiletto Nails

Never underestimate the power of a good manicure. These stiletto nails courtesy of the Hoodwitch perfectly exemplify how badass nails tie together the Southern witch aesthetic.



Slutist Tarot Deck

Although this deck has erotic elements, its goal is to represent all, no matter your sexuality or how sexual you are. The American South doesn’t exactly have a sex-positive history but for the Southern witch, this deck will allow you to acknowledge your innate sexuality while exploring your destiny.



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