The forest witch exists all over the country and abroad, soaking up beautiful vistas and showing love and gratitude for Mother Nature. Stay cozy and stylish in the woods with delicious knits, lightweight dresses and blouses, and the perfect hot cup of tea.

Embroidered Fable Dress

This dreamy dress with a V-neckline and empire waist is simultaneously soft and sexy without sacrificing a woodsy aesthetic.

Reversible Cozy Coat

Perfect for cozying up with a book at home or staying warm outside the house, this oversized hooded coat with a vintage feel will give you forest witch vibes wherever you go.

Jeslyn Pintuck Embroidered Top

With intricate flower details, crocheted lace trim, and flared sleeves, this blouse is hard not to fall in love with. Beautiful and comfortable, you can wear this top doing just about anything.

Traditional Aran Wool Sweater

If there’s anything the Irish know, it’s how to stay cozy in damp and cold environments. Originating from the Aran Islands off of Ireland’s southwest coast, these classic wool sweaters are meticulously made for whatever forest elements come your way.

Blundstone Style 1351

Perfect for long hikes or walking in rain and snow, the aesthetic of these boots is simply an added bonus. These mega comfortable boots will become the most versatile shoes you own.

Reiki Charged Herbal Teas

There’s no place better to curl up with a cup tea with a cup of tea than a cabin in the woods. Why not drink your tea with intention and harness any kind of energy you may be craving. This set includes Uplift, Heart Lift, Cramp Ease, Healthy Boundary, Stress Support, and Aphrodi-tea, so whatever you need a little more of in your life, there’s a tea to help you get there.


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