Metaphysical jewelry designer and Sanctuary favorite Melinda Lee Holm is a master of cosmic creations, witchy adornments that have charmed fans with their dual focus on healing and design. Her new tarot inspired collection is no exception, full of pieces that represent the spectrum of influence and energy presented in the Major Arcana. It was also a family affair, with Holm’s fifteen year old niece Sydney Reiser snapping pics of the collection on pals Rowan Blanchard and Saloma LeBail for a new lookbook. With the new line launching on October 13th, we talked to Melinda about her inspiration, family, and why vintage is always best. Check out her thoughts, alongside an exclusive first look at the new campaign. 

“In my Tarot readings, I am always pointing to different cards as examples of energies for clients to work toward embodying, and giving them easy ways to integrate those energies into their lives. For example, if someone is having trouble letting go of something, the Death card will come up and we will talk at length about embracing the energy of that card and how to get into it. One of the things I am always suggesting to clients is that they carry different stones around with them in combinations that match the energy various cards. It was a really natural development for me to create a collection of pieces designed to recreate this advice in wearable form.”

“For these first pieces, I focused on the 4 cards that I see as really foundational` for getting our energetic lives sorted out. These are great aspirational energies for all people that contribute to a really beautiful unfolding of personal evolution – The High Priestess, The Empress, Strength, and Death. When we trust our intuition, grow abundance with an open heart, embrace the incredible strength in vulnerability, and release what does not serve us, we can really make strides on our Highest Path.”

“Each of the cards I chose has an element of incubation. You don’t just turn it on and go, you have to really sit with it and integrate it, build a relationship with the energy. The energies all develop over time and shift in subtle ways as you grow more adept at living in them. They’re cards to keep growing with over a lifetime. The images depict these incredibly strong, smart, and beautiful young women alone in a home with books and crystals and Tarot cards – it’s a physical manifestation of that inner incubation. I dressed Rowan and Lola in vintage pieces from my own collection. I wanted there to be a sort of timelessness to it, as if they have maybe been studying there for centuries and will be for centuries more. It’s a sacred space. I want people to feel that when they wear my jewelry.”


“My niece, Sydney is just an incredible photographer. I have been watching her eye develop on her instagram and am more and more blown away by how well-developed her vision is. Syd and her best friend Saloma model for each other a lot and I was very interested in examining how a 15 year old girl shoots another 15 year old girl. It’s unique and it’s very special. Having studied Art History and photography and being a flaming feminist, matters of representation – especially of young women – are extremely important to me. I knew Syd would bring something to the shoot that no one else could and the idea of having my niece shoot my jewelry, of us collaborating on something creative like this, it’s just golden. It’s the very best.”

“I got to be friends with Rowan earlier this year and she has been blowing me away as well. The level of understanding these young women have of our world and their place in it is impressive for anyone at any age. It’s so invigorating to sit down with these people who are not even out of high school and be able to have high-level discussions about feminism, representation, politics, and spirituality. It gives me hope. Rowan to me is a perfect example of what this world needs – she is a very smart, well-informed, curious person who is not afraid to speak her mind or ask questions and to use her platform for empowering others. Everyone that I have had model my jewelry is a person I admire and Rowan definitely fits that.”

“The house we shot at belongs to my dear friend Dante and since the moment I stepped foot in it, I have been almost as in love with the house as I am with him. It was built on a hunting lodge plan in 1925 by a family who came to LA from England to join the Theosophist colony here. Every surface of the house is wood and it’s all original, so it’s beautifully worn in. That house has major magical vibes. It feels peaceful and alive and ancient. It’s seen a lot. It was my first choice to shoot in. I brought a pile of vintage dresses out of my closet, the ladies did their own makeup, and I just tried to get out of the way and let them create. I’m going to carry the beauty and magic of that day with me for a very long time. And now everyone else gets to see it too!”

To check out the rest of Melinda’s collection, head here.

Photos by Sydney Reisner

Models: Rowan Blanchard and Saloma LeBail




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