Now it’s the mountain witches turn! The gear we have in mind is a blend of vintage southwest style and a modern take of 1970s classics. But don’t worry, we didn’t forget about adding something to harness crisp, fall energy in your mountain home.

Southwestern Wrap Coat

Homemade with love by Squash Blossom Vintage shop owner Molly Salvi who perfectly conveys her love of nature and sustainability in her clothes, this wrap coat in particular is ideal for exploring the mountains or relaxing at home. Check out her Instagram to see some of her other amazing original pieces.

Vintage Gauze Dress

Also from Squash Blossom Vintage, Molly Salvi hand picks amazing vintage pieces, including tons of Indian gauze dress and embroidered dresses, and peasant blouses. She also sells adorable secondhand children’s clothing for aspiring mountain witches.

Oversized Overalls

Feel free and comfy in this rich sunflower jumpsuit that you can dress down at home in your garden or dress up when meeting up with your coven.


Handwoven Basket

Perfect for a farmer’s market, a weekend trip and everything in between, big basket bags can hold all your mountain witch essentials.



Vintage Bell Bottom Jeans

Finding the perfect pair of vintage jeans can be tough, but it’s always so worth it. If you find a pair that works (try Etsy, Depop, or your local thrift stores), match it with a vintage tee or a peasant blouse for a mountain witch look.

HausWarming Spell Kit

HausWitch makes several different spell kits, but this one containing two candles in wood candle holders, citrine stones, cinnamon incense, cozy home potion, a glass spray bottle, and a meditation card is perfect for fall in the mountains. After you do the initial spell in your house you can reuse the spray and candles to keep that cozy feeling going all autumn long.