Reading the Tarot is one of the oldest forms of divination, but a new generation of artists is breathing new life into the ancient practice by creating decks that reflect our modern life. Deck creators are taking to the internet to crowdfund their dream decks, inclusive to and reflective of all walks of life. To get a glimpse into the future of Tarot, take a look at our favorite independent decks making waves on Kickstarter. 

Numinous Deck

This inclusive 79 card deck strives to create a space for people to see their lives reflected in the cards. The deck’s creator wrote on his Kickstarter page that “ although the landscape is changing, most decks are still extremely heterocentric, ciscentric, white, and feature thin able-bodied people only.” To combat that, some of the cards in the Major Arcana, the suits, and court cards have been renamed to remove gendered titles. The deck also comes with a guide that is equally as inclusive.

Invisible Light Tarot Deck

This 78 card deck includes expired infrared film photography that has been translated into classic Major and Minor Arcana cards by a photographer who processes in her own home without photoshop. This beautiful deck “offers a modern and clean style while incorporating a sense of mysticism through photography.” You can get the deck by donating to the Kickstarter campaign or on her website.

Asian American Tarot: A Mental Health Project

This tarot deck serves as an exploration of Asian American experiences in the United States and the ways in which those individuals’ mental health are impacted. As a result, they replaced “the 22 archetypes of the traditional major arcana (e.g., the Empress, the Hierophant, the Wheel of Fortune, etc.) are figures drawn directly from Asian American life–the Migrant, the Foreigner, the Shopkeeper, the Adoptee, the Model Minority, the Desecrated Temple.”

The Hidden Light Tarot

This mixed media deck is made with collage, pen, paintwork to create a richly imaginative tarot experience. The artist created this deck with her own magical and Jewish background and according to her Kickstarter campaign, “The HIDDEN LIGHT Tarot draws from traditional decks in its structure but sheds their hierarchical and patriarchal inheritances in favor of queer and immanent perspectives.”

Dust II Onyx Deck

This full 78+ card deck will exclusively feature black figures to allow people of color to see themselves reflected in Tarot, which overwhelmingly depicts white characters. According to the website, “each card will feature spot gloss and gold foil accents to maintain varying surface quality of the original works.” Although this powerful deck isn’t available yet, you can pre-order on its website.

Our Tarot

This full deck features 78 women who have made history as the traditional Tarot archetypes, including Harriet Tubman as The Chariot, Abigail Williams as The Devil, and Emily Dickinson as The Hermit. The artist combines her passion for mental health and history to create a deck that explores social, cultural, and political background of the women featured. You can preorder the deck on its website and follow them on Instagram for updates.