Lindsay Mack is The Wild Soul, and she is here to answer your questions about all things cosmic. ASK THE WILD SOUL is a video advice column for magical beings with questions on their path. Lindsay will be answering inquiries that center around the Tarot, expanding intuition, clearing/cleansing, working with the Moon, having a magical business, being a witch, or just Wild Soul wisdom.

Today, Lindsay answers a question that has come up many times in the digital age. An anonymous community member asks, “What’s the difference between reading cards virtually or in person? Does it work as well if I get a reading with someone but I’m not in the same room as the reader?”


Lindsay is a professional intuitive tarot reader, teacher, certified holistic counselor and heart centered healer based in Brooklyn, NY. She has been a practicing witch for most of her life, and has been reading and studying the Tarot for 22 years. She has taught classes and workshops on Tarot for the Wild Soul all over the country, and all over the world via distance and virtual classes. Her work with the Tarot has been featured in The Huffington Post, Well + Good, Nylon, The Numinous, Hello Giggles, and Greenpointers.
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Emily Thomas

Emily is a Toronto-born, Los Angeles-raised writer living in New York. She has spent previous lives as a 19th Century detective and as an herbalist alongside her Celtic ancestors.