From classic, to minimalist, to pop culture, there are as many Tarot decks as there are readers who use them. We all have our favorites, which is why the art of Tarot is such a beautiful and diverse medium. If you want to make your voice heard, you can even vote in the Tarosophists Annual Tarot and Divination Awards, sponsored by the Tarot Association.

The awards, which have been going on for seven years, honor the best in deck design, from indie to mass market. According to the group, “2016 has been a watershed year for divination decks and books…The market has grown to allow for a growing demand for innovative and unique designs in divination and is likely to continue this trend into 2017.” Decks with nominations this year include Los Angeles based Circo Tarot, Shamanic Healing, Spirit Cats, and Sanctuary friend Kim Krans’ The Wild Unknown Keepsake Box Set.


Voting is open until Midnight on Christmas Eve, with winners announced over the holiday. Head here to cast your ballot—maybe there will be one contest this year we can be excited about.

Images via Mira PhotoArt; Circo Tarot.