The relationship between nature and time is both powerful and intimate—working with the plants and flowers of the earth can not only give us clues to the future, but also a way to influence it. This is the theme of the Pythia Botanica—a new Tarot deck that marries botanical manipulation with fortune telling. Created by New York-based artist Nicole Rallis, the hand drawn deck (stained with tea for an extra dose of earthiness) consists of 48 cards, each illustrated with information on plant magick. The deck draws from the tradition of the Oracle of Delphi (also known as The Pythia). According to their website, “her divinations were steeped in mystery and enigmatic wonder―a trusted presage that loomed in the hearts of all women and men who sought to persist against fate.”


Rallis is the owner of Leila + Olive, an online boutique specializing in botanical talismans and other mystical sundries (check out the “Modern Medusa” patch) inspired by divination and the natural world. On her inspiration to create the deck she wrote, “from my earliest memories, I have felt a kinship with nature―being amongst plants is where I am most at peace, most myself.” Now get thee to a forest and start divining.

Images via Leila + Olive.