Redefining the tarot from a modern viewpoint has become a favorite project of many artists, resulting in decks that range from spirit animals to Twin Peaks, but a new deck may be the chicest of them all. Created by photographer Ayla El-Moussa, The Tarot series is a stylish collection of moody minimalism, a perfect reflection of how mysticism and the ancient art of tarot divination have enchanted the fashion set. El-Moussa spends about two weeks styling and shooting each card, timing them to each new major moon phase (according to the artist, reflecting on the moon cycles is a product of her Cancer nature).  Half of digital creative firm 25th Century, El-Moussa and her partner Lucas Ighile spend their careers connecting art and fashion to greater universal themes. Scroll down for our favorite selections from the series…



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All images courtesy of Ayla El-Moussa/25th Century.